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Due to COVID-19, school tours are not available. We will be happy to schedule a tour for you when we return to campus. Please stay well.

For parents with children who love the arts, Midway Elementary teaches students through the unique Artful Learning model which integrates arts into the regular classroom curriculum. Unlike traditional elementary schools who only offer PE, music, and art, we also offer ballet, theater and orchestra. Since we have a direct link to Millennium Middle, they may continue to build upon their talents after 5th grade.

We are so glad that you are interested in visiting our unique facility. 

Click here for a Virtual Tour Video see what our school has to offer your family.

If you have additional questions or like to discuss our magnet program, please contact Mrs. Quinn at 407-320-5971 or 

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Online Application

Applying online is the way to submit and manage your child enrollment to Midway Elementary School of Art.

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